The desert safari Dubai is utterly electrifying and a commemorative experience. It is premeditated for fun oriented people with the thrilling ambiance enhancing your glee and fun and will keep you in living in your desert dream.

In the before time stages this excursion was done by pedestrians and now Safari in Dubai concludes on ultra contemporary 4×4 vehicles. The Dubai desert safari today is an enthralling dune bashing ride through the undulating sand dunes of the Dubai desert. On your desert safari tour you experience a thrilling trip through the rolling sand dunes at an elevated degrees driving up and down and spinning and jumping sand barricades or every thing come in their way.

 safari dubai desert

After a bashing ride in the sand dunes of the Dubai desert, the safari fleet makes a stop at Bedouin Camp where you get a chance to gain knowledge of how the earlier Nomads lived in a desert. A visit to the desert safari in Dubai is always incomplete until you go for a camel ride. Along with the camel riding, you will also experience the quad bikes, sand skiing and clicking pictures with traditional Arabic clothes on. Safari Dubai will offer you an adventure of a lifetime.