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dune bashing safari DubaiIf you are in Dubai and you want to have fun and thrill, don’t miss to make a desert safari trip it really worth it. The dune bashing is quite adventures and exciting you will feel like flying on the sand. What really makes your safari trip different is the dune bashing experience and the driver for the dune bashing so make sure you get a good one for having the ultimate thrilling fun in Dubai desert safari and also make sure it takes you into the desert and not just behind the camp. To live the experience to the fullest, sit in the front seats.

The jeep picks you up from your place and then stops at a refreshment point. Then it goes straight for the dunes. Jeeps stop at one point for you to experience the desert. Then it takes you to their camp.

The BBQ dinner and all other entertainment like camel riding, henna painting(for the ladies), sand boarding (hard to do), belly dancing and the tallula dancing are very exciting. Traditional costumes are also available at the site of safari in Dubai for extra fun. You  will definitely worth the money spent and lots of fun. So, if you are going to Dubai, you have to book this trip! You won’t regret it.


Dubai desert safari tour takes its explorers to travel around the city’s outskirts. People from across the globe know about the deserts of Middle East and a holiday is bound to be exciting especially when you think of a Dubai desert safari tour.

Are you one of those who does not like it when someone else is in control? Well, quad biking is just for you. It is the perfect vehicle which you control while you take crazy twists and turns over the high sand dunes.  Dune buggy safari is also famously known as dune driving. You can also go sand boarding in the dunes. After dune bashing, you will be welcomed into the camp.

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Unlimited refreshments like soft drinks, water, tea and coffee will also be provided to you. Desert safari Dubai is an enjoyable time for every tourist who is part of it.

Dubai safari rideOne of the fun things to do while visiting Dubai is to join the Dubai desert safari tour for a ride in a 4WD in the sand dunes, Dubai is home to Big Red, one of the largest and steepest known sand dunes in the world, and along with other increasingly famous runs in the area, it is rapidly gaining a reputation for excellence among those in the know.

It’s an interesting feeling to be surrounded so completely by sand with nothing around but the sky and the dunes. A guide will transport you by four-wheel drive through the rolling dunes to the Dubai desert Conservation Reserve deep in the heart of the desert safari Dubai. It feels like a roller-coaster ride and most exciting. Driven vigorously and quite roughly, the car speeds up tough gradients of sand dunes. One tip would be to get on the front seat, next to the driver, if you could, as you can see clearly what’s ahead.

A visit to the desert safari in Dubai is always incomplete until you go for a camel ride. There’s also a camel ride arranged for us as well as desert biking and sand surfing; glide down the high sand dunes on surf boards, like you do surf boarding on the beach at the sea.

The desert safari Dubai is utterly electrifying and a commemorative experience. It is premeditated for fun oriented people with the thrilling ambiance enhancing your glee and fun and will keep you in living in your desert dream.

In the before time stages this excursion was done by pedestrians and now Safari in Dubai concludes on ultra contemporary 4×4 vehicles. The Dubai desert safari today is an enthralling dune bashing ride through the undulating sand dunes of the Dubai desert. On your desert safari tour you experience a thrilling trip through the rolling sand dunes at an elevated degrees driving up and down and spinning and jumping sand barricades or every thing come in their way.

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After a bashing ride in the sand dunes of the Dubai desert, the safari fleet makes a stop at Bedouin Camp where you get a chance to gain knowledge of how the earlier Nomads lived in a desert. A visit to the desert safari in Dubai is always incomplete until you go for a camel ride. Along with the camel riding, you will also experience the quad bikes, sand skiing and clicking pictures with traditional Arabic clothes on. Safari Dubai will offer you an adventure of a lifetime.

The desert Safari in Dubai has an indisputable charm, and a completely different sense of excitement. Camping in winters is just awesome and fun filled, the sky is mostly clear in this season. Everything looks so shiny and brilliant that you enjoy every moment of life in desert safari.

You can choose from morning, evening and overnight desert Safari Dubai packages. Some packages include hiking, buffet breakfasts and overnight camps while others include a dune bashing Dubai buggy desert safari trip, tours of stone-built villages, visits to Bedouin camps, picnic dinners, sand ski in Dubai tours, camel rides and more.

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When on the safaris, tourists can undertake activities such as camel riding; they get to go through the safari in the desert on camels. For those who wish to experience Dubai desert safari at a higher level, dune bashing and sand skiing are suggested. A Bedouin camping will also have a haven and you can experience the awesome ocean and the enchanting environment. If you do not visit a magical place like Dubai desert Safari you can’t have the excited period in Dubai.